AI Solutions

Pulse from ExactSpace, is the Industrial AI framework which enables rapid development and deployment of domain and customer specific outcomes.

Designed to analyze billions of data points each day, Pulse’s core remains the seamless marriage of asset/process specific diagnostics with cutting-edge machine learning infrastructure which is easily configurable by our end-users with no background in data sciences.

There is a $$ value to every single decision taken in the industrial world. Pulse focus on getting these decisions accurate every single time. Leveraging advanced analytics technologies and a wealth of data available, we help run the industrial world with ZERO unplanned downtime, highest possible efficiency and utmost safety.


Business Outcomes

“Customer Outcomes” drive our Technology decisions. Applications like Predictive Maintenance or Process Optimization are built with a deep vertical-specific focus.

Machine Learning Framework

The Machine Learning framework is designed to carry out a sequence of analytics-intensive functions like validation, statistics, predictive models and risk evaluation on any streaming data.


Uses self-learning models to understand asset/process behaviour from historic data


Auto detection of poor quality or erratic data and substitute plausible data values instead

Recognize Pattern

APR Algorithms which mine for relationships and trace abnormal patterns and data deviations


Models for early detection of issues and forecast Remaining Useful Life of Assets


Models built based on first principles and physics to help validate actual asset performance

Root Cause

Provide diagnostics through fault trees or perform automated RCA using data

Risk Assessment

Calculate a reliability index of every single asset based on a comprehensive check of all parameters

Asset Library

The Asset Library is a collection of Digital Twins of over 50 asset types with a deep understanding of their failure modes, diagnostics and corrective strategies.

Data Management

Connect all seemingly disparate plant systems to derive increased contextual insights about your Assets. Pulse is designed for industry scale data and allows you to onboard as many Plants and Assets with ZERO concern about IT Infrastructure and Security.

Data Sources

Designed for the Industries, Pulse aggregates petabyte-scale sensor data from widely used automation systems like DCS, PLC, SCADA using standard and secure protocols (like OPC). This can also be augmented with video, audio, location data as well as data from enterprise systems like maintenance management and ERP to have a complete view of the health and history of any asset.